2025 Panigale V4S gets double-sided swingarm

Since the launch of the 916, the single-sided swingarm and Ducati have been undeniably linked, but that could change in the near future. According to the latest rumors, the Italians will return to the double-sided swingarm with the next Panigale V4 generation.

For almost thirty years the single-sided swingarm has been part of Ducati’s Superbike family, although its construction has been under discussion within the Ducati Corse racing department from the start. For example, Carl Fogarty insisted on testing a 916 with a double swingarm, because it would be more stable and lighter, and was actually faster with it, but nevertheless the plan was swept off the table by Ducati management. A double-sided swingarm would detract from the 916’s iconic styling.

With the 996 and 998 the design was only minimally refined, but with the subsequent 999, designed by Pierre Terblanche, the engineering department had won over the aesthetics department and the beautiful single-sided swingarm had been replaced by a conventional double-sided example, such as Foggy that ten would have loved to see a year earlier. However, as successful as the 999 was on the track, sales at the Ducati dealer were disappointing.

And so, after only 4 years, despite three world titles (Neil Hodgson 2003; James Toseland 2005; Troy Bayliss 2006), Ducati threw the 999 back into the trash and launched the 1098, which everyone sees as the successor to the 916/996/998. was seen as it should have been in 2003. The design of the 1198 was only adjusted in detail.

When, after five years of proven service, Ducati said goodbye to the tubular frame, which had been the trademark of every Ducati from the beginning, and the Omega frame was introduced with the Panigale 1199, Ducati remained faithful to the single-sided rear suspension. Its smaller brother, the Panigale 959, did have a double-sided swingarm, but that was only for a short time: with its successor Panigale V2 the single-sided swingarm was back.

However, according to insiders, the single-sided swingarm on Ducati’s superbike has now definitely had its day. Rumor has it that a new Panigale V4S featuring a double-sided swingarm will be unveiled during the upcoming World Ducati Weekend 2024 in July. The reason: to make the rear stiffer and lighter and thus also reduce tire wear. Ducati has reportedly applied the same philosophy to the frame as in MotoGP.

The Panigale V4 will therefore become the second model in which Ducati has said goodbye to the single-sided swingarm, three years ago the Multistrada V4 underwent the same metamorphosis. Although not definitive, the Multistrada V4 Pikes Peak and V4 RS are (fortunately) equipped with a single-sided swingarm.

However, the single-sided swingarm will not be seen in WorldSBK in the short term. Ducati has only planned some minor updates for the Panigale V4R for 2025, a completely new Panigale V4R with double-sided swingarm is not expected until 2026 at the earliest.

– Thanks for information from Motorfreaks.

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