5 Safari tricks that are indispensable if you have an iPhone

If you have an iPhone, chances are you use Safari as your main browser. The app is full of useful features, some of which are really indispensable in our opinion.

While Google Chrome is by far the most popular browser worldwide, Safari is widely used by Apple users. The browser therefore works flawlessly on all your different Apple devices.

Tricks to get more out of Safari for iPhone

Get the most out of Safari with these tricks.

#1 Move the address bar

Since the arrival of iOS 15, it is possible to move the Safari address bar on your iPhone. By default, the address bar is at the bottom, making it easier to use the app with one hand. However, not everyone finds this a pleasant place, so it is nice that you can adjust this nowadays.

To move the location of the address bar in Safari, go to the Institutions from your iPhone and tap Safari. Then scroll down a bit and select One tab. When you open the browser again, the address bar will be in its new place.

#2 Automatically close tabs

Another super useful feature in Safari is the ability to close tabs automatically. You can set to automatically close tabs after a day, a week or a month. This is how you set it up.


Go to the Institutions from your iPhone and tap Safari. Now navigate to Close Tabs. In this window you choose the desired term. Don’t want tabs to close automatically? Then choose Manual.

#3 Customize home page on your iPhone

Every time you open Safari, the app shows you information such as what your favorite sites are and what articles you’ve added to your reading list. However, it is possible to customize this page with other information blocks. You can also change the background.

To do this, scroll all the way down on a new Safari page and tap Change. Here you indicate which information you want to display by sliding the sliders. You can also choose one of the suggested backgrounds or add a photo from your album.

#4 Add site to home screen

If you visit a certain website regularly, it’s just as useful to add it as a shortcut to your home screen. This has been possible for years, but many people still don’t know about it. Navigate to the desired site in the Safari browser on your iPhone and hit the Share button. Then choose Add to home screen.

Safari iOS 15

#5 Hide your IP address in Safari

Security and privacy for everything of course. That’s why it’s smart to hide your IP address in Safari. It’s a handy way to shield personal information, such as your location, from trackers from apps and websites.

You can hide your IP address by using the Institutions from your iPhone and to Safari to navigate. Then tap Privacy and security and choose below Hide IP address for For trackers and websites.

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