9 cool women’s watch brands

Are you looking for cool women’s watches? At Techzle you will find cool watches for women from various well-known brands. We have already listed our nine favorite cool watch brands in this blog.

Cool smartwatches from Garmin

Of all the smartwatches in our range, Garmin smartwatches are perhaps the coolest. Not only because of what they look like, but especially because of what they can do; They contain extensive functions for the most diverse sports and health, music players*, GPS*, etc. A tracking function has been built into the Garmin Connect app especially for women, with which you can track your menstrual cycle or pregnancy and get advice about, for example, stress, nutrition and hydration.

9 cool women’s watch brands
▴ 010-02563-04 Garmin Instinct

010-02172-02 Garmin Vivoactive
▴ 010-02172-02 Garmin Vivoactive

Swiss women’s watches made of sturdy Victorinox steel

Inox is the French word for steel, the basic material of Victorinox women’s watches. The watches from the INOX line have been extensively tested and can withstand the toughest conditions: heat, cold, water and fire. Not surprising, of course, when you know that Victorinox has a military background. Ideal watches for exercising or going out. Real cool Swiss watches for cool women made of steel.

241841 Swiss Army Alliance
▴ 241841 Swiss Army Alliance

241921 INOX
▴ 241921 INOX

Boyfriend watches from Festina for women with a cool look

Just as many ladies wear their boyfriend’s jeans and that is why special ‘boyfriend jeans’ are made, nowadays you also have ‘boyfriend watches’. Just as cool as the same watch for men, but suitable for a thinner women’s wrist.

Watch brand Festina has several beautiful steel watches in its collection that fit perfectly with ladies with a cool look.

▴ F20604/1

▴ F20503/1

Cool ladies’ watch: Seiko 5

Seiko 5 watches all meet 5 tough requirements: automatic movement, day-date display, at least 5 ATM waterproof, a protected crown at 4 o’clock and a solid steel case (and strap). The design is based on the popular Sportmatic watch from the sixties, which gives the Seiko 5 a solid and sporty appearance. The watches in this line are available in different sizes and colors. And Seiko regularly releases special and limited editions of Seiko 5 watches that you should not miss!

▴ SRE003K1

▴ SNKL45K1

Cool ladies’ diving watches from Citizen

Are you a cool lady who likes to swim or dive in open water? Then a Citizen diving watch is perfect for you! Most diving watches are quite large and thick, but Citizen has several more modest models in its collection especially for women. Just as cool, but a little smaller and therefore actually quite cute. In addition, all Citizen diving watches are ISO certified.

Promaster Marine EP6050-17E
▴ Promaster Marine EP6050-17E

Promaster Marine EP6051-14L
▴ Promaster Marine EP6051-14L

Make a statement with Swatch Big Bold

Show color with a Big Bold watch from Swatch! It is not without reason that ‘Bold’ means ‘daring’, ‘brutal’, ‘tough’… The Big Bold watches are available in many different colors and are made of bioplastic with an eye for our planet. So tough with a small heart.

SB01B127 Oops!
▴ SB01B127 Oops!

SB01G101 Fresh Squeeze
▴ SB01G101 Fresh Squeeze

Tissot PRX Lady; Cool women’s watches with a trendy vintage vibe

Do you like trendy watches with a cool design that are slightly different from the rest? Then the PRX Lady from Tissot is our top tip. The functional minimal design with integrated strap appears to be cast from one piece and yet it is an elegant and neutral watch that suits all clothing styles – from sporty to chic. The Tissot PRX watches are available in different colors, with a steel and leather strap and even with a real 18 carat gold bezel. Do you find the 35 mm size a bit too small for your wrist? Then the larger men’s model (39.5 mm) might suit you better.

T1372101135100 PRX lady
▴ T1372101135100 PRX lady

T1372103302100 PRX lady
▴ T1372103302100 PRX lady

Striking cool women’s watches: G-Shock

G-Shock is best known for sturdy, almost indestructible, XL watches with many functions for men. But there are also plenty of cool G-Shock women’s watches to choose from for women. For example, a G-Shock G-Squad sports watch with Bluetooth. Or the super popular CasiOak Mini with carbon core guard. Whether you are looking for a watch for every day or for swimming or sports, at G-Shock you have a wide choice of cool watches for women in different colors and materials.

GMD-B800-4ER G-Squad
▴ GMD-B800-4ER G-Squad

GA-B2100C-9AER Bluetooth solar
▴ GA-B2100C-9AER Bluetooth solar

The coolest women’s watches from Diesel

The number 1 brand in cool watches for women is of course Diesel. Diesel women’s watches are striking and different from all other watches. Do you dare?

DZ2168 Cliffhanger
▴ DZ2168 Cliffhanger

DZ2156 Black reptilia
▴ DZ2156 Black reptilia

Many more cool women’s watches at Techzle

This Top 9 is just a small selection of the more than 60 watch brands you can choose from at Techzle. On our women’s watches page you can filter by brand, price, color and much more to find your perfect cool women’s watch. Or visit one of our stores to see your favorite watches in real life.

*depending on model

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