Abarth 600e: hot electric Fiat ready for summer

Big distinction

Abarth 600e

The Abarth 600e is eager to let its at least 240 electrically motivated horses run this summer. The Italians are now showing the first unprocessed plates of the Abarth 600e.

The Abarth 600e will be unveiled in the summer. That will take a few more months, but that doesn’t bother Abarth’s marketing department at all. Well before the actual debut of the hot-tempered electric crossover, Abarth shows a set of pictures of the car for the umpteenth time. We were served the Abarth 600e in a packed test suit in January and not much later the brand released the first photos of an unstickered purple copy, although those images had been heavily edited by the gentlemen and ladies behind the Photoshop tables. The photos that Abarth is now throwing out into the world of the 600th are less extreme and therefore a lot more realistic.

The Abarth 600e naturally becomes the Fiat 500e what the Abarth 500e is to the Fiat 500e: a sportier alternative. Although the Abarth 500e also looks clearly different from the outside than the Fiat original, the Abarth 600e distinguishes itself in a much more intense way from its milder brothers with Fiat badges. The Abarth has extensive spoiler and bumper work, large slippers and is located quite close to the asphalt. In any case, the Abarth 600e will have a 240 hp drivetrain with four-wheel drive and a limited-slip differential. On to summer!

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