Add YouTube video in PowerPoint


Enjoy a PowerPoint presentation with a movie. Get a video from YouTube, put it in a slide and easily play the video.

A PowerPoint presentation is a fun way to show other people something. Agenda items for a meeting of your association, for example. Or explanation about volunteering. You can even easily share vacation photos with family and friends in a PowerPoint. A video can make the presentation even more fun or clearer. Have you found a video on YouTube that fits perfectly into a presentation? Then easily put it in a slide. This can be done in PowerPoint for Microsoft 365 as well as in PowerPoint 2019.

To add a video to a presentation:

  • Create a PowerPoint presentation.
  • In the browser with the YouTube video, click on the url (the web address). Copy the web address.
  • Go back to the PowerPoint presentation.
  • Click on the tab at the top Insert.
  • Click in the Ribbon on Video. Isn’t this there? Then click on Media > Video.
  • click on Online video.
  • A new window opens. Click in the bar below “Enter the address for the online video.”
  • Press the Ctrl+V hotkey to paste the YouTube URL. Or right-click and click To stick.
  • PowerPoint shows the video that is linked. Is this the right video? click on Insert.
  • The video is in the middle of the slide. Click on it with the mouse and drag it to the right place.

Is the video in the right place? Test if it works: click the play button. Also during the presentation, press that button to start playback. Add as many videos as you want.

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