AirPods Pro 2 are heavily discounted: here’s how to get them much cheaper

Are you still looking for new earphones? Then now is the time to buy them, because the AirPods Pro 2 are now heavily discounted. Get them here!

AirPods Pro 2 discounted

Good news if your earphones need replacing, because the AirPods Pro 2 are currently heavily discounted. At Apple you can get the second generation of the AirPods Pro for 279 euros, but at you now pay much less for the earphones. You can get the AirPods Pro 2 there for 233.95 euros. You’ll save a whopping 40 euros and also get six months of free Apple Music. Check out the offer here:

AirPods Pro 2 discounted

It is advisable to be quick, because it is not known until when the AirPods Pro 2 are discounted. If you order the earphones today, you will have them at home tomorrow. You pay no shipping costs and have a one-year warranty on the second generation AirPods Pro. Also striking: the AirPods Pro 2 are now even cheaper than the first generation AirPods Pro (€ 239,-) at € 233.95. Are you still in doubt whether you want to buy the earphones? We list the most important functions of the AirPods Pro for you!

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AirPods Pro 2 Features

The AirPods Pro 2 are currently Apple’s best earphones. They are equipped with functions such as active noise cancellation, adaptive audio and a transparent mode. This allows you to determine how much ambient noise is blocked by the AirPods. Are you in a busy room, on the train or on a plane? Then the active noise cancellation is very nice, because disturbing background noises are easily filtered out.

Noise control is particularly good with the AirPods Pro 2 thanks to the silicone earbud attachments. These are supplied in three sizes, so that you can determine which size fits your ears best using a fit test. In addition, the charging case is equipped with a USB-C connection, so that you only need one cable to charge your iPhone, iPad, Mac and AirPods. You will receive a USB-C cable in the box.

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With iOS 18, the AirPods Pro 2 will get a number of useful features, such as the earbuds being able to recognize head gestures, voice isolation is coming to the AirPods Pro and you can also use personalized spatial audio for games. Apple is not expected to release a new generation of the AirPods Pro until 2025, so the AirPods Pro 2 will be equipped with all the new features for the time being.

At the AirPods Pro 2 are now temporarily heavily discounted. Are the earphones sold out there or has the offer ended? Then you can view the lowest prices of the second generation AirPods Pro in our price comparison. There you can see which provider you are currently paying the least for the AirPods Pro 2. View the current lowest prices of the earphones here:

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