“Almost half motorists don’t care about speed reduction”

A new study shows that almost half of the daily highway users will not adhere to the coming speed reduction. People who are less often on the road find the speed reduction to 100 km / h in general actually quite fine.

30,000 motorists were interviewed by EenVandaag and the Algemeen Dagblad. Of all respondents, just as many people are in favor as against the new measure. With a share of 46 percent in both cases, the Netherlands therefore appears to be equally divided. However, if we zoom in deeper, people who are on the road every day turn out to be a little steeper: six out of ten of these 13,000 frequent highway drivers are against the new measure that will take effect in a week. Only three out of ten drivers in this group are in favor.

46 percent of the people who are on the road every day say they don’t care about the speed reduction that will apply during the day. 16,000 people who participated in the study cannot be found on the road every day. Of them, 56 percent are in favor of the reduction and only 35 percent are against. In addition, a much larger proportion say they do adhere to the rules: almost three-quarters of those surveyed.

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