Alpina B3 sharpens the blades for BMW M3

Alpina B3 BMW

For a while, the Alpina B3 was the ideal option for those who couldn’t wait for the BMW M3. However, now the M3 is here and so it’s high time for Alpina to get the B3 ready for a more intense battle.

At the beginning of 2019, Alpina already launched the B3 Touring and then the B3 Sedan appeared in October of that year. Until the arrival of the BMW M3 Touring, the B3 Touring more or less has the empire to itself for a while, but the B3 Sedan no longer has that. The BMW M3 Sedan is now available and it also thunders with its 480 hp or even 510 hp (Competition) over the 463 hp strong Alpina B3. Of course, Alpina cannot leave that offensive unanswered.

At the – how could it be otherwise – Nürburgring-Nordschleife, Alpina is now testing with a B3 Sedan camouflaged from the front and rear. So something is coming. Count on Alpina to bring style elements from the M3 (such as the other headlights) to the B3, among other things. However, it seems that Alpina is not doing business with the M3’s striking grille. Good news for those who are looking for M3 power and prefer to leave the appearance a bit more classic. That makes the Alpina B3 even more the alternative to the M3.

Undoubtedly, the revised Alpina B3 gets a power cure that puts it at least on par with the M3 in power, although you shouldn’t be surprised if the revised Alpina B3 even surpasses the 510 hp and 650 Nm of the M3 Competition. Incidentally, the current B3 already has superiority over the BMW M3 in at least one area: the top speed of 300 km/h compared to the 290 km/h – at an additional cost – of the M3. By default, the M3 does not go further than 250 km/h.

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