Annual overview: the best apps of 2020

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We have kept a record of the best applications for both iOS and Android in recent months. In this annual overview you can easily view the collection of the best apps from 2020.

Darkroom – Photo Editor

Price: Free (+ in-app purchases)

Darkroom is one of the best photo editing apps you can find for the iPhone. You have access to a lot of filters and you can add frames to your photos for professional looking photos. With the premium version you can make filters yourself and use them for future photos and you have access to tools that you know from professional programs such as Photoshop. It is also useful that you can view all the metadata of a photo in the app.

Adobe Spark Post

Price: Free (+ in-app purchases)

Adobe has dozens of good apps in the app stores and Adobe Spark Post is no exception. With the app you can easily create a professional business card, flyer or invitation. You choose one of the templates and click on Remix to add your own texts. For professional functions, for example if you want to add your own logo, you have to pull out your wallet. This is possible for 10.49 euros per month, although we find that very pricey.


Price: Free (+ in-app purchases)

Moneon has been running for a while, but the budget planning app has recently arrived at version 5. With the free version you can already keep an eye on your own budgets, but with a subscription of about twenty euros per year you can share budgets with your partner and see at a glance what you get in a month about what kind of things have issued. You can create multiple wallets, for example to manage different bank accounts.


Price: Free (+ in-app purchases)

And when we are busy organizing, it is handy to take a moment Quip to install. With this app you can share documents, spreadsheets, chats and to-do lists with different people. Handy for when you often work in teams. It saves a lot of email traffic because you can do everything from the app. You can tag people in documents and import files from Dropbox, Evernote or Google Drive. To-do lists can have deadlines and when you have something ready, you can archive an entire folder.

Clip2Comic & Caricature Maker

Price: Free (+ in-app purchases)

Always wanted to be a cartoon character? With Clip2Comic you can throw cartoon character filters over your own photos. The quality of the result depends on the photo taken: sometimes a photo really looks like a picture from a comic, but sometimes the app misses the mark. Fortunately, the filters have clear names so that you know on what type of photo the filter works well. You can change all kinds of things if you press the edit button after applying the filter. Nice is that you can order the result as a print or as a postcard. The photo has a watermark, you can remove this if you purchase an upgrade for 1.09 euros.


Price: Free

An app that doesn’t have much to do with technology: with iNaturalist are you a true digital biologist. Take a clear photo of a plant, insect or bird and try to find out what it is like via the app. If you make sure that the photo is clear and that the plant or animal in the center of the photo is clearly recognizable, the app will in most cases know what kind of plant or animal it is. The app is not only fun, you also help researchers and scientists identify where certain plants and animals occur by tagging your photos and adding them to the database.

AliExpress Shopping App

Price: Free

For everyone who likes to shop at the online shopping giant AliExpress this app is a must. You can find the latest bargains and you can search for all kinds of items (which you actually do not need). Of course the automatic translations of items are sometimes curvy and incomprehensible, but you are used to that from the website. The ordering process in the app is very easy and you can read reviews of items and stores. The app is available for both platforms.


FingerBeat is a fun app to play on your iPhone. The easiest way is to connect headphones to your iPhone, so you can hear the sounds best. You tap your fingers on a virtual drum computer and you can even record your own voice and use it to create rhythms. Of course it is possible to record rhythms and after recording you can add other rhythms to your beat. The app makes sure that everything sounds good, even if you play a little sloppy.


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