Apple GPT already exists – we know this from Apple’s own ChatGPT

Apple reportedly already has its own version of ChatGPT, but it’s not yet available to everyone. Here’s what you need to know about Apple GPT.

Apple GPT already exists

ChatGPT has become extremely popular this year. The service makes it possible for anyone with an account to chat with an AI. The chatbot then provides detailed answers to the questions you ask or the comments you make. Google and Microsoft have already released a similar service. It now appears that Apple GPT already exists and is even being used.

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This is reported by the usually reliable Apple analyst Mark Gurman. According to him, Apple GPT is already being used within the company, for example for developing new technology.

ChatGPT is currently widely used in business, but that also leads to concerns about the privacy of all information that is entered. Apple is now addressing these concerns by using its own variant of ChatGPT.

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Apple is already using AI in various services

This is not the first time that Apple has used AI, because artificial intelligence is already widely used in various services. Think of Siri, fall and crash detection and the ECG app on your Apple Watch. In addition, AI is used when you enter certain search terms in your photo library. Using artificial intelligence, the photos are then scanned for the search you entered.

The use of artificial intelligence is therefore nothing new for the company, but has so far been happening more in the background. Apple GPT is currently only used within the company, but that may change in the future. There are rumors that Apple plans to make a big announcement about artificial intelligence next year. That could be about Apple GPT.

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Want to know more about ChatGPT?

Apple recently held a meeting in which the developments in the field of artificial intelligence were discussed. There, Apple indicated that the team, which deals with artificial intelligence, has made “huge steps”. That would mean that Apple is indeed working on a counterpart to ChatGPT. Apple GPT will not appear until next year at the earliest.

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So for now we have to do without a ChatGPT from Apple. Do you want to know more about the smart chatbot? Check here how to use ChatGPT in Dutch and also check which ChatGPT app you absolutely should not install in the App Store. Do you want to try the free version of the chatbot? Then check the ChatGPT web page!

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