Apple ID may change name this year – here’s what you need to know

Apple appears to be preparing for a major rebranding of Apple ID and will likely announce a new name this year. This is going to change.

Apple ID may change name this year

The new name for Apple ID that Apple will probably come up with by the end of this year is Apple Account. This rebranding will probably come at the same time as the release of iOS 18 (codenamed Crystal) and macOS 15 (codenamed Glow). This means that Apple’s website will also likely be updated, assuming the new name is implemented everywhere.

Apple ID is the name of the account that Apple users use to access services such as iCloud and the App Store. It has been available on all Apple platforms for over a decade. Apple ID makes it possible to purchase apps and music and to synchronize data wirelessly between Apple devices. It is also possible to make purchases in the online Apple Store.

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Apple ID becomes Apple Account

According to sources, the name ‘Apple Account’ appears on Apple’s website as part of longer names such as ‘Apple Account Balance’. According to the same sources, Apple also plans to replace existing mentions of the name ‘Apple ID’ with ‘Apple Account’.

The reason for the change is unclear

It is currently unclear why Apple will probably replace the term Apple ID with Apple Account. It’s worth remembering that Apple often has several marketing names ready before launching new services or products.

For example, for the operating system of the Vision Pro headset, Apple used three different names during internal testing: realityOS, xrOS and visionOS. It is therefore possible that the name Apple Account will ultimately not be chosen (for whatever reason).

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