Apple is working on a smart ring, glasses and AirPods with a camera: we know this

Apple is rumored to be working on new accessories, including a smart ring, glasses and AirPods with a camera. We already know this about the products!

Apple is working on new accessories

In 2023, Apple presented a truly new product for the first time in years with the Vision Pro. According to rumors, we can expect even more new devices, because Apple is working on some cool accessories. For example, the company plans to launch a smart ring on the market, something that Samsung has also recently hinted at. In addition, smart glasses are being tested, which are much less advanced than the Vision Pro.

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So new accessories are coming, but the existing AirPods are also reportedly getting an update. It is expected that the earphones will be equipped with a camera, which will bring many more functions to the AirPods. Are you curious about the new devices? We put all the rumors together for you!

apple ring

Smart glasses and ring from Apple in the making

Little is known about Apple’s smart glasses. According to the usually reliable Apple expert Mark Gurman, these are real glasses, such as the Amazon Echo Pro. It is much lighter and easier to wear than a headset like the Vision Pro. In any case, Apple’s smart glasses are equipped with several high-quality cameras and a longer battery life than the Vision Pro.

The ring would be another new accessory from Apple, which can replace the Apple Watch or complement the smartwatch. The ring collects various health data without the need for a smartwatch. The new device is therefore reportedly mainly intended for users who do not want (or cannot) wear an Apple Watch, but do want to gain insight into workouts and other data.

AirPods get cameras

Another notable rumor is that Apple will provide the AirPods with cameras in the future. According to Gurman, Apple plans to put low-quality lenses in the earphones. According to the Apple expert, the company has already started on this project, under the code name B798. In 2023, Apple started finding a way to incorporate the lenses into the AirPods under this name.

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The purpose of the lenses is to add health and AI features to the AirPods. That is also the intention of the other accessories that Apple is working on, which means that much more health data must be collected. By adding cameras to the AirPods, the earphones can scan your environment. Tips are then given to the wearer using AI, both via images and voice commands.

airpods screen

Release is still pending

Apple’s new accessories should therefore mainly ensure that you as a user have more insight into your health data. Artificial intelligence should also make it possible to share useful tips or insights on a daily basis, based on the collected data. This is already the case with the Apple Watch, but can be expanded much further with new gadgets.

Nothing is known yet about the year in which we can expect these new accessories from Apple. It is therefore expected that it will take years before the smart ring and glasses appear. The plans for the AirPods with cameras seem a bit more concrete, especially due to the existing code name. In addition, innovations are expected this year with the earphones, so we may see the lenses sooner than expected. Read more about the new AirPods here.

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