Apple launches iOS 17 beta 8 – when is the final version coming?

Apple has released yet another test version of iOS 17! What changes with iOS 17 beta 8 and when is the final update coming to your iPhone?

iOS 17 beta 8 is available

Another new version of iOS has been released as iOS 17 beta 8 is available for your iPhone. This may be the last test version of iOS 17 before the final update comes to your iPhone. Apple mainly fixed problems in the test version. Furthermore, no new features have been found (yet) in the eighth test version of iOS 17.

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A number of minor improvements were found in iOS 17 beta 7, for example, the Phone app has been slightly modified and hints have been found for the new action button. No innovations have been found in the latest test version, so it seems that the final update is almost on its way. When can we expect the official release of iOS 17?

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New iOS version and iPhones coming soon

Apple finally officially announced the iPhone event this week. On Tuesday, September 12, Apple will most likely present the iPhone 15. In addition, the Apple Watch Series 9 and the Apple Watch Ultra 2 will probably also appear. Along with these new devices, Apple is also launching a series of software updates, including iOS 17 for your iPhone.

These updates usually appear a week after the presentation of the new iPhones. The Wonderlust event will take place on September 12, so iOS 17 is expected to be available a week later. This often happens on Monday evenings, so you should get the new iOS version then Monday September 18 install on your iPhone.

iOS 17

Here’s what’s new in iOS 17

After iOS 17 beta 8, only the Release Candidate of the new iOS version will probably appear. In this update you will find all the new features of iOS 17, because the version is almost the same as the final update. Apple has now officially unveiled iOS 17, so we already know what to expect. For example, the completely new Standby mode is introduced and the Journal app comes to your phone.

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Apps such as Phone, FaceTime and Messages are also being overhauled in iOS 17. In addition, Apple has launched new health functions in the iOS version, such as Screen distance. Want to learn more about iOS 17? Check here whether all new functions will work on your iPhone. With iOS 17, Apple also reveals a number of functions of the iPhone 15. Read here which they are!

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