Apple Music cheaper: save 2 euros per month

Last year, Apple Music prices increased. But with this simple trick, your Apple Music will be 2 euros cheaper again! That is how it works.

Higher rates Apple Music

At the end of last year, Apple announced that it would increase the prices of Apple Music. According to Apple, prices have risen due to higher licensing costs: artists now earn more for streaming their music. Of course nice for the musicians, but for us as listeners it was a small disappointment.

All subscriptions have increased by at least one euro per month, as an individual user you now pay no less than 10.99 euros per month. As an individual user, there is now a simple way to save almost 2 euros per month on your Apple Music subscription. We explain how to do this.

Apple Music iOS 16

Get a cheaper Apple Music subscription

To save almost 2 euros per month on your Apple Music subscription, you must take out the subscription via your Apple ID on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. If you opt for an annual subscription here, you pay a total of 109 euros as an individual user. If you divide this by twelve, you pay ‘only’ 9.08 euros per month. This is considerably less than the 10.99 euros that you pay for a monthly subscription.

You can only take out an annual subscription via your Apple ID, the cheaper annual subscription is not listed on the Apple Music website and in the app. To manage your Apple Music subscription, follow these steps:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ on your Apple device;

  2. Tap your Apple ID;

  3. Choose ‘Subscriptions’;

  4. Then tap “Apple Music” to manage your subscription.

Apple Music discount

Taking out an annual subscription is a big step, so we recommend that you first take a trial period of one month. This trial period is free for every new user, so you have an idea of ​​whether Apple Music is for you. Do you like the subscription? Convert the trial subscription in your Apple ID to an annual subscription to save money every month.

Check out the trial subscription for Apple Music

Check the end date of the trial subscription carefully

Apple Music’s free trial lasts exactly one month, so it’s important to keep an eye on the end date. After this trial period, Apple will automatically renew your subscription, after which you will have to pay.

When starting the trial period, therefore immediately note the end date in your calendar. It is important that you cancel the Apple Music subscription before this end date or that you opt for the cheaper annual subscription. With this simple trick you save almost 2 euros per month!

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