Apple TV Plus: ‘Disney’ movie Luck is really fun for Apple fans (and here’s why)

The Apple TV Plus Original movie Luck was created by ex-Disney employees. And as an Apple fan, you really should see this film. iPhoned tells you why.

Apple TV Plus Original Movies: Luck

Starting Friday, August 5, you can enjoy a new movie on Apple TV Plus: Luck. This is Apple’s first 3D animation feature film and was co-created with Skydance Animation.

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The film is about Sam Greenfield, the most unlucky person in the world. Until she encounters a black cat and finds his lucky coin. From that moment on, her world is turned upside down. Yet she learns that just being lucky isn’t good either…

The film is very similar to Disney and Pixar blockbusters, such as Toy Story and Cars. That’s not surprising, because several employees at the studio Skydance Animation have their ‘roots’ at Disney and Pixar. That’s probably reason enough to watch the movie if you like this kind of movie, but as an Apple fan there’s another reason to see the movie Luck.

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Why you should see Luck as an Apple fan

Even if you have nothing to do with Apple, Luck is fun to watch. But as an Apple fan, you secretly have an extra reason to watch. There are many Apple devices in the film. For example, in the film you get to see a MacBook Air 2020 and ‘Bob’ the cat even has a purple iPhone (12) in his paws. Have you spotted any more Apple products? Let us know in a comment on this article!

It’s not that surprising that you get to see all these Apple products in the film. Luck can only be seen on Apple TV Plus, as Apple bought the exclusive rights to the film in February 2021. That probably also meant Apple had a finger in the pie during development.

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Lucky iPhone 12

More 3D animation films on the way

It doesn’t stop at Luck on Apple TV Plus, though. Apple is planning another 3D animated movie called ‘Spellbound’. With this, Apple has signed a contract with the company Spin Masters, who are behind the popular ‘PAW Patrol’ series, among other things. It is striking that this deal also includes agreements for toys from the upcoming film. Soon Apple will also enter the toy world…

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