Apps are getting much more expensive in the App Store: prices are rising sharply

Of course it was to be expected, but now it’s really going to happen. Prices in the App Store will rise sharply and apps will become a lot more expensive. iPhoned tells you when you will pay more and how much!

App Store is getting more expensive: prices are rising

Want to buy some more apps from the App Store? Then hurry up! Because the prices are going to go up a lot soon! Last year prices fell in Apple’s App Store, but this year you will really pay more if you want to buy a new app on your iPhone or iPad.

This is due to the strong dollar and the rather weak euro. The new prices will then take effect from October 5. Prices rise on average by about twenty percent. The price increase is less with the cheaper apps. However, this means that the prices will rise considerably and the more premium apps will also become a lot more expensive.

app store prices

Prices will go up throughout the European Union, so the Netherlands and Belgium will also have to believe it. Every country with the euro coin will receive the same new prices, with the exception of Montenegro.

New Prices App Store

But what will the new prices in the App Store be? Before we tell you that, you need to know how the prices are determined. Apple gives developers a limited number of options to determine the price of an app. There are fixed prices that slowly increase.

Prices can currently range from 0.99 euros to 999 euros. Developers are therefore allowed to set their own price, but they do not have an unlimited choice. For example, it is not possible to have your app cost 1.23 euros. Some of the new prices can be found in the table below.

Pricing App Store Old price New price
Tier 1 0.99 euros 1.19 euros
Tier 2 1.99 euros 2.49 euros
Tier 3 2.99 euros 3.49 euros
Tier 4 3.99 euros 4.99 euros
Tier 10 9.99 euros 11.99 euros
Tier 20 19.99 euros 23.99 euros

The highest price that a developer can ask in the App Store can be found in Tier 87. You then pay 1199.99 euros! It is not the first time that prices have risen and the App Store has become more expensive. In 2017 we also had to deal with a price increase. Last year prices went down again.

App Store pricing of subscriptions

Unfortunately, the subscriptions also seem to have become considerably more expensive and the prices of in-app purchases have risen considerably. According to the website Apptopia prices there have sometimes risen by as much as 40 percent.

in-app purchases

However, this is not due to inflation, but to the new privacy rules that Apple has introduced. As a result, apps are no longer allowed to just track you and the makers can no longer use this information to attract new users. They try to make up for the loss of income in a different way…

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