Aston Martins always electrified from 2026

Aston Martin DBX

Aston Martin announces the day after the unveiling of the super strong DBX 707 that it will switch to electrification for the entire model range in the near future.

Anyone who thought that Aston Martin with the no less than 707 hp strong DBX 707 indicates that it should not have anything to do with cleaner mobility for the time being, is wrong. Although the DBX is by no means an example of this, Aston Martin will also bet on cars that should be less of a burden on the world. The brand reports that from 2026 only electrified new Aston Martins will be for sale.

In the first instance, we should think of mild-hybrid or hybrid drive. An electrically powered Aston Martin will have to wait a little longer for the time being. The British coach understands that there will be a mild-hybrid version of the DBX next year, which seems to be reserved for the Chinese market for the time being. However, in 2024 there will be a plug-in hybrid DBX that will be sold worldwide.

Board chairman Lawrence Stroll gives in conversation with The Financial Times indicates that we do not have to expect a fully electric supply in 2028 at least. Perhaps Aston Martin will not want to do that until 2030, although Stroll does add that at the moment not all customers are interested in electric cars. That will have to be massaged in gently, because Stroll says that the brand is ‘gradually going to fully electric’.

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