Be careful with the hot weather: the sun is dangerous for your iPhone

Now that the summer months have arrived, we are increasingly confronted with tropical temperatures. Be careful, because this heat can lead to an overheating iPhone!

Overheated iPhone

The summer period has arrived and that is noticeable by the temperatures in our country. It’s pretty warm again and it will stay that way for a while. It is of course nice that the weather is such a nice one, but your iPhone does not like the high temperatures. With this hot weather, there is a chance that your phone will overheat.

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Your iPhone works best in an environment with temperatures between 0 and 35 degrees. If your phone is exposed to high temperatures for an extended period of time, there is a chance that your iPhone will overheat. This can have serious (permanent) consequences for your phone. We tell you what happens when you have to deal with an overheating iPhone.

Be careful with the hot weather: the sun is dangerous for your iPhone

This is what happens when your iPhone is too hot

With the high temperatures of the last few days, your iPhone will quickly become too hot, especially if you leave the phone in the sun. This can permanently shorten battery life. Fortunately, this does not happen very quickly, because your iPhone has built-in protection to prevent overheating.

As soon as your iPhone recognizes that the device is getting too hot, some functions will be disabled. Your iPhone does that automatically to prevent the device from overheating. You notice this in the following way:

  • Charging your iPhone is temporarily no longer possible;
  • The camera’s flash is temporarily disabled;
  • The signal from the iPhone is getting weaker;
  • The iPhone runs slower on demanding tasks
  • The iPhone’s navigation screen turns off;
  • You will see the Temperature screen.

You will only see the latter if your iPhone is really overheating. Then it is not possible to use your iPhone for normal tasks. Only in case of emergency can you use the iPhone when the Temperature screen is enabled. It often doesn’t take long before your iPhone has cooled down again, the screen will then disappear automatically.

overheated iphone

This way you prevent your iPhone from overheating

The easiest way to prevent your iPhone from overheating is to keep your device out of direct sunlight. Placing the phone in the shade greatly reduces the chance of overheating. This is also the best solution if your iPhone shows the Temperature screen. Usually your phone is usable again after fifteen minutes.

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Still, the sun isn’t the only threat to your iPhone’s temperature. It can also happen that your phone gets too hot when configuring, restoring a backup or charging wirelessly. Do you want to know how to prevent your iPhone from overheating? Then read our six tips to keep the temperature of your iPhone under control!

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