Bluetooth vs Wired Headphones: Which Is Better?

You are in the store and you can choose between Bluetooth headphones or a wired version: which one do you choose? For years there have been discussions about which type of headphones is the best choice. Wireless headphones often support the latest sound techniques, but are therefore a lot more expensive than wired variants. Is the higher price worth it?

Sound quality

Many people still prefer wired headphones and there are good reasons for this. Wireless earbuds are evolving at a rapid pace and in-ear technology is getting better and better, but wired headphones are generally more prized when it comes to sound quality. Thanks to the analog signal, much more data can be processed than with digital signals such as Bluetooth. This simply means that wired headphones have much less trouble getting the music into your ears: audio doesn’t need to be compressed, so you hear songs in high quality.

Furthermore, headphones are often cheaper than wireless variants, because wireless technology is simply more expensive to develop and produce. Wired headphones are also a bit easier to repair.

Never charge

Another big advantage is that you never have to charge your wired headphones. In a world in which you have to connect many devices to the charger, that is a nice fact. Especially if wireless earbuds are a bit older, you have to charge them after every (long) listen. Not only do the earphones run out quickly: Wireless listening also puts a strain on the battery of your mobile device.

A small side note: some wired headphones do need to be charged. This mainly concerns headphones with active noise cancellation.

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You also have to charge headphones with a cord.


The cable makes headphones easy to use: you often plug them into your device via a 3.5 mm port and you can play music right away. You will not be bothered by a disturbance in the connection. With wireless earbuds, the connection can sometimes drop (briefly).

There are also drawbacks. A wire can be a bit inconvenient and before you know it you first spend a minute trying to get the knots out of your plug. In addition, your device must always be nearby to listen to music. With a wireless version you can move freely and some earphones can be up to 30 meters away from your audio device. This makes them an ideal choice for athletes, for example.

Furthermore, a cable can be somewhat fragile. Some twisting or bending of the cable can cause your headphones to stop working properly. You will then hear noise or only sound on one side.

It is also not said that you have a 3.5 mm jack on your device as standard. The new iPhonemodels do not have such a connection, so you need a separate adapter. These adapters from Apple have a reputation for breaking down quickly. You won’t be the only one who occasionally forgets to bring the adapter. And then you can’t listen to music.

The latest iPhone models do not have a 3.5 mm jack.


Which choice you ultimately make depends mainly on your own preferences and taste. If you want the best sound, you often end up with wired headphones. Gamers also probably prefer a cable, because there is no delay in the sound. If you want to use earplugs especially during sports, wireless is handy. In addition, these earphones are always easy to take anywhere, making them a good choice for travelers as well.


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