BMW Group delivers millionth electrified car


BMW Group has reached a milestone in which the always striking number ‘1 million’ appears. The group is proud to have delivered its millionth car with an electrified powertrain.

BMW Group reports that it has delivered its millionth car with an electrified powertrain. The birthday girl is the BMW iX, a car that you can currently see as BMW’s banner for electrification. After all, after the aging i3, it is the only recent model of the brand that you can only get with an electric powertrain. The brand new iX owner received a bonus from BMW to make the handover of its millionth electrified model just that little bit more festive: a wallbox.

One million electrified cars is of course a lot, but the BMW Group has been supplying cars with mild-hybrid systems for years and cars with a plug-in hybrid powertrain have also been on the brand’s menu for years. Both at BMW and Mini. BMW says it expects to have delivered 2 million electrified cars in two years’ time and the BMW Group expects it to deliver its two millionth all-electric car by 2025.

On the electrical front, BMW currently sells the i3, the iX3, the i4 and the iX. The next generation 5 and 7 series will also come fully electrically powered versions: the i5 and i7. Mini currently sells one EV, but that brand also has big plans in the electrical field. For example, the successor to the Mini Countryman will also come with an electric powertrain. Even Rolls-Royce is working on an EV: the Spectre. Both Mini and Rolls-Royce will only sell fully electrically powered cars by 2030.

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