BMW M4 CS: with 550 hp, it exceeds the two-ton mark

You will also be 3.5 times ahead of a 420i



AutoWeek can tell you exclusively what the new absolute top version of the 4-series will cost. We have the price of the brand new BMW M4 CS. It is the first 4-series that costs more than two thousand euros.

In the market for a BMW 4-series Coupé? Then of course you can make it as crazy as you want. The 4 Series is available as a 184 hp 420i from €60,240, while the most expensive variant to date was the 530 hp BMW M4 Competition xDrive (€153,948). That engine version must now recognize its superiority in the limited BMW M4 CS. With 550 hp, it is not only stronger than any other version of the 4-series, but is also by far the most expensive.

The BMW M4 CS has a fiscal starting price of €209,813. If we add the preparation costs of €1,250, we arrive at a starting price of no less than €211,063. Compared to the M4 Competition xDrive, the additional cost is more than 57 grand, not even that much less than a 420i costs. For the price of one BMW M4 CS you can – in theory – even purchase a 420i Coupé 3.5 times as much.

Of course the M4 CS is something special. With 550 hp and 650 Nm, the BMW M4 CS has the strongest variant of the 3.0 inline-six under the hood that it currently supplies in the 4-series. This machine helps the M4 CS reach a speed of 100 km/h from a standstill in 3.4 seconds. In addition, the M4 CS has a roof made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic. Things like the hood and side mirrors are also made of carbon fiber. You can read more about the BMW M4 CS here.

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