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2023 is the year in which we will be introduced to the seventh BMW M5, but not before we reflect on the M5 that started it all. AutoWeek forum member JFR found this 1987 example in the wild!

BMW is expected to launch the brand new M5 later this year and it will be special. Not only is it the first M5 in a while that is also available as a Touring, but it will also be a plug-in hybrid for the first time. A particularly strong one, undoubtedly. BMW may use the 635 hp powertrain already in the XM with a V8 as the beating heart, possibly even the 748 hp version of the XM Label Red. In any case, the new M5 will be very far removed from the car we have in front of us here: the first BMW M5.


The BMW M5 of the E28 generation really made a good impression at the time, and yet in 2023 it is a car that can be described as charmingly modest. Although he is clearly dressed a bit more heavily than his less fortunate brothers, it is subtle in nature. It has a slightly thicker front bumper, slightly wider wheel arches, wire wheels, prominently protruding exhaust tips and M badges. Don’t be fooled by the modest decoration compared to now, because the first M5 was technically well above the majority of the 5-series. The M535i was the sub-topper after the release of the M5 and it had 218 hp, in the M5 the 3.5-liter six-in-line produced no less than 286 hp. Quite a difference. In essence, the M5 was a further development of the M535i, but with a stronger six-cylinder engine based on the M1. This allowed the first M5 to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in just over 6 seconds and reach a top speed of roughly 250 km/h. You can imagine that was quite impressive in this class 36 years ago.

This 1987 M5 apparently made an indelible impression again at the age of 14, because in 2001 it was registered in the name of the current owner. The M5 has been with the same owner for 22 years now, if that isn’t true love! It is also seen as a car that is treated with love and according to the license plate data, it has never undergone an MOT inspection in which an area of ​​concern was noted. That is worth a big compliment. We hope that this admirable series of trouble-free inspections will continue for much longer!

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