Bolt comes with electric shared bicycles with alcohol lock

Bolt comes with electric shared bicycles with alcohol lock

We know the shared scooters and maybe also the shared scooters (although they are only available abroad). With the many thefts, there is now also a sharing solution for cyclists, because Bolt is coming to the Netherlands with electric shared bicycles. Initially, two hundred units will be placed in Enschede.

Electric shared bikes

Bolt, originally from Estonia, is already bigger in other countries: it has hundreds of thousands of shared bicycles and scooters in twenty countries. It uses a special method to prevent nuisance and unsafe situations. For example, you have to scan the bike via the app and put it back in a good place. However, the latter often causes problems: everyone in Rotterdam has had to buck over a shared scooter that was parked in the middle of the sidewalk.

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Bolt has come up with a kind of patrols. These check where incorrectly parked bicycles are and help ensure that there are no gigantic herds of shared ebikes. The bicycles, recognizable by their green color, also come with the necessary rules. In the beginner mode, you as a tenant get to choose the traffic rules for you and there is less power so that you drive more calmly. In addition, there is a alcohol lock during the weekend evenings (Thursday evening through Sunday evening between 19:00 and 06:00), which means that you have to do a test before you can rent a bike. The test tests your responsiveness.


If you have not been drinking and cause an accident, then the bicycles are in any case automatically insured against accidents and damage to others (via Allianz). Furthermore, the bicycles are completely vandal-proof: no pneumatic tires, but tires made of solid elastic thermoplastic polyurethane. The bikes can be adjusted to your height. After Enschede, Bolt will also introduce bicycles in Groningen from September. 300 e-bikes will be parked there.

Are you interested in renting an electric shared bike? For example, are you already using electric shared scooters? Leave your comment on this article.

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