Bristol went bankrupt again

It now seems really over and over for Bristol. The old British brand was only saved ten years ago, but now the British court has ruled that everything must go into liquidation sales. The current owner reportedly barely tried to prevent this.

It has now been 3.5 years since Bristol was revived with the arrival of the Bullet. Among the new owners, the brand declared bankrupt in 2011 seemed to be able to continue. It has not helped. After the Bullet it became quiet and it seems to stay with this again. Various British media, including Autocar, report that the remaining funds from Bristol should be sold to pay off creditors. A curator has since been appointed.

At the end of last year, the Supreme Court ruled that Bristol Automotive should be placed under guardianship. No one would have been present at that time to defend the case from Bristol. Last month, owner Kamkorp Limited, surprisingly, appealed, but without success. The stocking is now finished. It is not known how many people are still employed at Bristol.

The car brand, founded immediately after the war, that originated from aircraft manufacturer Bristol, was very exclusive for a large part of its existence and should not have had to deal with the large numbers. In the new millennium, Bristol changed hands, but Fighter and Blenheim leaning on old technology were unable to adequately stock the greenhouse. The Bullet, which costs no less than € 300,000, has therefore not succeeded.

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