Brussels Motor Show ‘ready for 2021’

2020 will go down in the books as an almost complete year devoid of car fairs, but 2021 will (hopefully) start differently. The Brussels Motor Show is ready to just open its doors.

Due to the corona outbreak and the subsequent measures, numerous auto shows worldwide were forced to postpone or cancel the event. In retrospect, the Brussels Motor Show was one of the last shows where there was still ‘no problem’. For the time being, you can again tick January as ‘fair month’, since Brussels is simply counting on the show going ahead.

The Salon, also known as the Brussels Motor Show, will – if all goes well – take place in the Belgian capital from 15 to 24 January 2021. The organization says it has had plenty of time to work on ways to keep the car fair going. “We have developed a series of scenarios to ensure the successful organization of the Brussels Motor Show in January 2021. Each of these scenarios is of course built around the numerous rules that aim to prevent the spread of the covid-19 virus and how these rules are strict ”, the organization explains.

The aforementioned scenarios are currently being presented to the location, Brussels Expo, the mayor and the various Belgian ministers involved. There seems to be plenty of conviction that one of those scenarios can be worked out. “Our different scenarios are presented to the members of the organizing Salon Committee, after which we jointly decide on the direction to take for the smooth running of the Brussels Motor Show 2021.” Of course, the organization is not counting on a comparable number of visitors to this year: half a million people attended the car show in January.

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