Buick Envision successor in the picture

Buick has a successor of the Envision ready in China, an SUV that has similarities with the Enspire Concept, but that is given a different name.

In early 2018, Buick showed the Enspire Concept, a study model with a powerful electric powertrain that generated about 560 hp. Such an electric SUV is not yet in the showrooms at Buick, but the design of the Enspire Concept does return in a sense. Buick has a new SUV in the development rooms that has strong external similarities with that show car, a newcomer of which the first photos have now surfaced in China.

Although the new SUV in these pictures from outside is clearly based on the Enspire Concept (see above), the car will not be called ‘Enspire’. Buick will soon add the car in China as a new model variant to the range of the current Envision and that means that the car will at least have the model name Envision on its rear, probably with an addition. This new variant is classified as the more expensive and more luxurious brother of Envision, which has already been facelifted several times. The Chinese newcomer may receive the addition ‘GX’, a two-letter combination that Buick already uses for a longer version of the regular Encore.

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