Buy the iPad mini 6 or wait for the iPad mini 7? This is the best choice

Are you planning to buy an iPad mini, but are you unsure whether you should wait for the iPad mini 7? We will tell you what the right choice is now!

New iPad mini on the way

Apple will not release any new tablets at all in 2023, so expectations for this year are high. According to rumors, Apple will release no fewer than six new iPads this year. A new ‘normal’ iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro and iPad mini will then appear. The latter is especially noticeable, because the iPad mini has not had a major update since 2021. So we’ve been waiting for the iPad mini 7 for a while.

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It was unclear for a long time whether Apple was working on a new iPad mini, but it now seems almost certain that it will happen. In 2021, the iPad mini 6 received another major update, with a new design and the fast A15 Bionic chip. A number of years have now passed and the iPad mini can become even more advanced. Are you planning to buy a new iPad mini soon? Then you’d better wait a little longer for the iPad mini 7. We’ll tell you why.

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iPad mini 7: we already know this

According to rumors, Apple is also bringing several functions of the iPad Pro to the iPad mini 7. For example, the small tablet will have an OLED screen, which immediately solves the problem of jelly scrolling on the iPad mini 6. This is a big step for the device, because the iPad mini 6 still had an LCD screen. The OLED screen has improved brightness, higher contrast and wider viewing angles.

In addition, the iPad mini 7 will probably have a much faster processor. The last iPad mini still runs on the A15 Bionic chip, which we also saw in the iPhone 13. Apple will probably opt for an M1 or M2 chip for the next iPad mini. The iPad Air already runs on an M2 chip, so there is a good chance that we will see the same processor in the iPad mini 7. That would be a major upgrade for the tablet.

Waiting for the iPad mini 7

The design of the iPad mini will probably remain unchanged, but the screen edges may become slightly thinner. The tablet therefore mainly receives major adjustments under the hood, making the difference between the iPad mini 6 and the iPad mini 7 quite large. It is therefore wise to wait for the iPad mini 7 if you perform heavier tasks with the tablet or often use the device in brighter light.

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Don’t need the latest features? Even then it is advisable to wait a little longer, because the iPad mini 7 may appear as early as March. The price of the iPad mini 6 will then drop enormously, saving you a lot of money. If the iPad mini 7 is not unveiled next month, a presentation will probably only take place in October. In that case, you will have to be very patient not to buy the iPad mini 6.

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Still want to buy the iPad mini 6?

It is therefore advisable to wait until the end of March before buying a new iPad mini. Then we will know whether the next iPad will be released in the spring or only in the autumn of 2024. Will the iPad mini 7 only arrive in October? Then you can still purchase the iPad mini 6, but keep in mind that you will receive the latest iPadOS updates for a shorter period of time.

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