Center Apple Vision Pro view and calibrate visionOS content

The Apple Vision Pro is a spatial computer that can place virtual screens and objects in the real view. All these windows, apps can be spread around your environment and with one simple action you can center the view.

You will mainly do this when the windows and apps are not displayed correctly in your environment. A simple action places the content in front of you where you are looking.

Manually move app windows

You can open an application by looking at it and then making a tapping gesture with your thumb and index finger. Then you can move the app window as follows:

  • Look at the line at the bottom of the window (window bar)
  • Press your index finger and thumb together (pinch), hold
  • Move the window to the desired location by moving your hand (drag)
  • Release to secure it
Adjust Vision Pro window
Customize Vision Pro window © Apple

Center view

If you can’t figure it out manually, you can center your view. To do this, press and hold the Digital Crown to update everything in your view, such as apps, windows, environments and interactive experiences. Think of it as a calibration so that everything is shown centered again.

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