ChatGPT 4: this is why the popular chatbot is now even smarter

OpenAI has launched the fourth version of ChatGPT. What has changed in ChatGPT 4 and what are the new features?

ChatGPT 4 launched

OpenAI has launched GPT-4, the latest version of ChatGPT. The chatbot has become extremely popular in recent months and is getting smarter with all the information that is entered.

With the ChatGPT service it is possible for anyone with an account to chat with the AI. The chatbot then provides detailed answers to the questions you ask or the comments you make.

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Behind the scenes, OpenAI is working hard on new features for ChatGPT, so the company released the paid ChatGPT Plus last month. So now a new version of the chatbot has been launched.


Enter images in the updated ChatGPT

In the new version of ChatGPT it is possible to enter images for the first time. Previously you could only enter textual messages with the chatbot, but this is now expanded with images. Uploading videos in ChatGPT 4 is not yet possible.

Very interesting is that ChatGPT 4 can now also recognize jokes in pictures. For example, he managed to explain why the picture below is so strange (and funny). Although the chatbot can now ‘view’ the image, ChatGPT 4’s response is still textual.

It is quite possible that this will change in the future and that the chat service will then respond with images. In that case, these images are probably composed by ChatGPT itself.

OpenAI already has a similar service, Dall-e. This is a service that creates its own images based on the search terms you enter. This feature may also come to ChatGPT.

ChatGPT also has a number of minor improvements in the fourth version. For example, the chat service now answers more accurately than before and the chat service replies less often to prohibited topics. The chatbot has therefore become safer and more reliable after the update.

ChatGPT 4 is currently only available in the paid ChatGPT Plus subscription (users without a subscription can put themselves on a waiting list).

chat gpt plus
In February, OpenAI launched ChatGPT Plus

Want to know more about ChatGPT 4?

ChatGPT has gathered users all over the world at an unprecedented rate. Do you use ChatGPT often? Then beware, because new technology can now recognize texts written by the chatbot. It is also advisable to pay close attention when downloading ChatGPT apps, because sometimes high prices are asked for the free service in the App Store.

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