Chinese Great Wall opens European headquarters in Germany

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The Chinese manufacturer Great Wall Motors has established its European headquarters in Germany. The car manufacturer has big plans to conquer the rest of Europe from its new home base.

The Chinese expansionism seems to know no bounds. In a short time, various Chinese brands have established themselves on the European market and there will only be more in the coming years. The Chinese Great Wall Motors will sink its teeth into the European passenger car market next year and has opened its European headquarters in Munich, Germany, from which the sales attack is coordinated.

Great Wall will bring two of its brands to Europe next year: Ora and Wey. Where Wey mainly focuses on electric SUVs, Ora is the brand that is storming the European market with more cleverly designed electric rascals. Although the plans for the Dutch market have not yet been revealed, Great Wall does indicate that the first copies of the Wey Coffee 01 will be delivered in Europe in the first half of 2022. Delivery of the Ora Cat – Great Wall has a penchant for special model names – should also start in the first half of 2022.

Later this year, Great Wall will open its first so-called Brand Experience Center in both Munich and Berlin, where the cars of Wey and Ora can be sniffed up close. The ambitions are not modest. For example, Hive Energy, a subsidiary of Great Wall Motors – is pumping €2 billion into building a battery factory in the German state of Saarland.

Here you can read more about Wey’s cars and Ora’s cheerful EVs.

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