Chinese manufacturer Aiways is doing well in Europe

Aiways U5

The Netherlands was one of the first European countries where the Chinese manufacturer Aiways marketed its electric SUV U5. Aiways has now been active on European soil for a year. The manufacturer appears to be doing good business here.

In November 2020, the Chinese manufacturer Aiways opened the order books for the U5, an electric SUV of which 438 units have been registered in the Netherlands until November this year. Apart from the Netherlands, Aiways also sells the U5 in Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark and Italy. Next year, the manufacturer will expand its activities to Switzerland, Spain and Portugal. In the Netherlands, Aiways only sells the U5 online, depending on the market, Aiways also enters into partnerships with dealers.

Aiways aims to have sold more than 3,000 cars in Europe before the end of this year. Not bad for a start-up. The brand has set itself the goal of breaking through the 10,000-car sold barrier by 2022. The U5 is currently the only model from Aiways, but will not remain so for long. Aiways will bring the U6 on the market next year, an electric brother of the U5 with a more steeply sloping roofline and a significantly different front and rear design.

Read more about the Aiways U6 here. AutoWeek has, of course, extensively tested the Aiways U5. For example, we compared the electric SUV with the Hyundai Kona Electric and Volkswagen ID3.

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