Clear browser cache in 3 steps

To bring web pages to the screen faster, the browser uses the cache memory. Cache is a storage place for temporary data that your browser accesses from previous surfing sessions. The advantage is that the entire page does not have to be downloaded every time. The disadvantage is that you sometimes see outdated information. Then clearing your browser cache can sometimes help.

In the cache, the browser stores copies of websites you have visited, along with the images and all media files. If you have the impression that you are seeing outdated information, it helps to refresh the page by pressing F5 or by clicking the reload icon in the address bar of the browser. Sometimes it’s better to be a little more thorough and clear the browser cache.

Don’t go too drastic about it. Only clear the cache and not the cookies or browsing history (unless you specifically want that, of course). In this way you prevent your login details and settings at web services from being deleted and that you have to set it all up again.


In Chrome, click the three dots in the top right corner. Then you go to More Tools and navigate to Clear browsing data. Bee Period of time choose you Everything and then you uncheck the box Browsing history and Cookies and other site data. Select only Cached images and files and click Delete data.

You can see in Chrome how much space you gain by clearing the cache.


With Firefox you go to via the dash menu Settings / Privacy & Security / Cookies and Website Data and click Delete data. In the next screen you also uncheck Cookies and website data. Select only the option Buffered Web Content. By the way, just like with Chrome, you can read how much storage space this data takes up.


Also in Edge you use the three dots menu to select the Settings to open. From there you go to Privacy, Search and Services. Scroll down until you reach Clear browsing data coming. Also here you make sure that there is only a check mark Images and files cached before you click Clear now clicks.


In Safari you first have to go through the menu Safari / Preferences / Advanced activate the option that brings up the Develop menu in the menu bar. In this new menu Developthat between bookmarks and windows appears, use the function Empty caches.


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