Climate change – yesterday, today, tomorrow

Climate change will heat up summers in Europe more intensely than winters, according to a study of mussel shells from a past warm period… more

How do we know that climate change is caused by humans? When I was asked this question by someone on X (formerly Twitter), I thought to myself: Come on, that can be answered with a simple Google search. But apparently it’s not that simple. The first search result I received was the following quote from a… more

Warming seas increase the risk of sudden cold currents from the depths. A study shows that such events have serious consequences for marine organisms… more

A study explains why the Baltic Sea cod do not recover despite protection: Blue-green algae blooms lead to an extension of the food chain, meaning that less energy reaches the fish… more

An investigation into the development of the most powerful current system on earth shows: The Antarctic Circumpolar Current apparently flowed at a critically fast rate during warm periods in the past… more

With climate change, Arctic sea ice is disappearing. The first day of summer completely free of sea ice could come as early as the next decade, a new study suggests… more

German municipalities no longer know what to do with the refugees and want to slow down immigration. The journalist Gaia Vince, on the other hand, calls for a new culture of welcome, worldwide. Your book “The Nomadic Century” is a well-founded basis for discussion on the refugee problem of the future… more

Some external features of chickens look strange or provide them with no discernible benefit other than pleasing people and so they are propagated… more

Analyzes of an ice core have shown that the ice cover of the West Antarctic ice sheet shrank surprisingly quickly at the end of the last ice age… more

Around 100 years ago, raccoons were brought from North America to Germany as farmed fur animals. Today around 1.5 million animals live here, and the trend continues to rise… more

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