Complete your barbecue with the help of the Meater Plus

The barbecue season is in full swing again! If you want perfectly prepared meat, use this smart meat thermometer. Measure the Meater Plus!

A perfect barbecue with the Meater Plus

With the Meater Plus meat thermometer you can wirelessly monitor the temperature of the meat on your barbecue. The measuring range of the Meater Plus runs from 0 to 275 degrees Celsius and you can see the current temperature in real time on your iPhone.

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Insert the Meater Plus into the meat, set the desired temperature on your iPhone and you will automatically receive a notification when that temperature has been reached. In the meantime, you can see at a glance how long it will take. The wireless connection goes up to a maximum of 50 meters, so that is more than sufficient for practically any garden.

meater plus

Includes a handy app…

The measuring part of the Meater Plus (also called a probe) has two different sensors and measures both the core temperature and the ambient temperature of the barbecue. You can easily monitor both temperatures with the help of the handy app.

It is also possible to share the preparation process in real time with your friends, so that they can see exactly what time they should join and what exactly the pot is for. Sharing is very easy via WhatsApp.

meater plus

…and a rechargeable battery

The smart thermometer works with a rechargeable battery. An LED light on the front indicates how full the battery is. If you charge the Meater Plus for four hours, you can use it for another 24 hours. The back of the charger has two magnets, so you can attach it to the base of your barbecue, for example.

The Meater Plus is made of stainless steel for easy cleaning and its dimensions are approximately 130 mm x 6 mm. You can buy the Meater Plus from Coolblue, among others, for an amount of 99 euros.

View the Meater Plus at Coolblue

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