Connected sports with the G-Shock G-Squad

Maybe you recognize it; Spent too much time indoors during the lockdown and gained a few pounds. Then there is good news for the G-Shock enthusiasts among us who would like to exercise a little more. G-Shock’s G-Squad sports watch line has been expanded with the new GBD-H1000 connected watches with integrated GPS and heart rate monitor. This way you can train even more efficiently and be back in top condition.

All G-Shock features with extras

The G-Squad naturally offers everything you’ve come to expect from G-Shock: extremely shock-resistant and extremely waterproof, despite all the advanced extras that make these new watches the perfect training partner.

G-Shock G-Squad
▴ Large, textured buttons for better grip

G-Shock G-Squad
▴ Supple, water-resistant strap

Textured buttons for better grip

G-Shock is known as a very robust watch and the GBD-H1000 has paid extra attention to the design so that the watch is especially suitable for athletes. The case edge and push buttons have an anti-slip structure for better grip and ease of use.

The plastic parts on the back of the case fit comfortably on the wrist and match the flexible, water-resistant urethane strap. Because the strap has many holes, the strap ventilates well and can easily be adjusted to any length.

Five sensors including optical heart rate monitor

On the back of the watch there is an optical sensor with an LED light. This detects the blood flow under the skin and measures the heart rate. The oxygen content can also be determined.

A 3-axis accelerometer detects body movements and measures the number of steps and distance traveled even when a GPS signal is not available.

Other built-in sensors measure compass direction, altitude, air pressure and temperature.

G-Shock G-Squad
▴ Optical sensor

G-Shock G-Squad
▴ Packaging G-Squad

Analyze your routes with GPS

New for the GBD-H1000 is the GPS function. The GPS determines your location, measures distance traveled, speed, pace and other data. With the built-in GPS, the watch receives data from GLONASS and Michibiki (QZSS) satellite systems. By syncing your watch with the G-Shock Move app you can view route maps and track your distance traveled.

In the app you can create your own training schedules and even export them to other apps such as STRAVA, Google Fit and Apple Health.

Always enough power through combined charging

Unique to the GBD-H1000 is that the watch is charged in two ways. Daily use of the watch (time mode, pedometer and notification functions) is powered by light energy charging only. So you don’t have to worry about that. The GPS, heart rate monitor and other training functions require more energy. Therefore, the watch can be additionally charged via USB. After approximately 2.5 hours of charging, the training functions can be used continuously for up to 14 hours.

G-Shock G-Squad

G-Squad watches at Techzle

Also feel like getting some exercise? The GBD-H1000 is the top model of the G-Squad series, but we have many more nice G-Squad watches with sports functions in our collection. View them online now, or visit one of our stores.

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