Create a calendar super fast with Excel

Create calendar with ExcelCreate a handy annual calendar in no time with a template in Excel. Each month has its own page and birthdays are easy to enter.

Microsoft Office has thousands of templates. These are ready-made files with a specific theme or purpose. Anyone with Word, Excel or any other Office program can download them for free. They are neutral documents, which you can edit at your own discretion. For example, a calendar template can be downloaded in the Excel program. Knowledge of Excel is not necessary for this. This article explains how to download, edit, save, and print the file.

There are two ways to get a template: in Excel itself or via the Microsoft website.

  • Open Excel via the Start button > Excel.
  • click on New.
  • In the search bar, click ‘Find Online Templates’. Click on the right first More Templates to see this option.
  • Type ‘Calendar’ and press the Enter key.
  • And a list of templates appears. Click on a calendar image for a larger view.

    Template search Excel

  • Click on the desired template. We choose Calendar for any year.
  • click on To make.

The calendar opens in Excel.

Does this not work? The templates can also be found on Microsoft’s site. Click on a calendar to your liking (note that it says ‘Excel’ below) > To download > To open. Excel starts with the calendar file open.

The calendar is in view and the month of January is open. At the bottom are the other months on the different tabs. Click on a tab to open it. In this article we assume that the month of January is in the picture. You may need to press Enable editing click.

Adjust the calendar year if it is incorrect:

  • On the right side of the document it says “Calendar Settings” at the top. Click on the year below.
  • For example, type ‘2021’ and press the Enter key.
  • The days of the month jump so that the dates and days are correct.
  • By default, the week here starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday.
  • Do you want to adjust this? Then click on the set day at ‘Start of the week’.
  • A triangle appears next to the day. Click on this and choose the desired day.

    Excel calendar change start day

  • Excel automatically adjusts the calendar.

This calendar is standard in green. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. Customize the calendar to your own taste and make it a bit more personal.

  • Click on the tab at the top Page layout.
  • click on Themes, left in the Ribbon.
  • A menu expands with dozens of different themes. Scroll down to see more themes.

    choose excel calendar theme

  • Point to a theme with the mouse pointer and immediately see what effect it has on the calendar.
  • Click on the theme you want and it will be applied to the entire calendar.
  • Don’t like the theme? Then press the hotkey Ctrl+Z to undo the last action.

An annual calendar is of course extremely useful for setting up birthdays. This can be done in Excel. Handy, because then the birthday is also fixed for subsequent years. Put a birthday on the right day like this:

  • Click on the tab of the month in which the person’s birthday is.
  • Double-click the text box below the desired date.
  • The cursor will be in the box. Enter the name of the birthday person and optionally a year of birth, so that you can always calculate how old the person will be.
  • Click outside the box or press the Enter key.

The birthday has been added.

Do not forget to save the calendar to the computer:

  • Click on the tab File.
  • Click on the left Save as.
  • click on To leaf through.
  • The Explorer opens. Navigate to a place to save the calendar.
  • Type a name of your choice behind ‘File name’.
  • click on Save.

The calendar is now on the computer.

Print the calendar when it is completely to your liking. A printer is (of course) required for this. Is it connected and is it turned on? Then do the following:

  • Click on the tab File.
  • Click on the left Print.
  • A preview of the calendar is displayed. In order to print the entire calendar, a setting has to be adjusted. click on Print Active Sheets.
  • click on Print Entire Workbook.
  • The other settings are good. click on Print.

The calendar comes out of the printer.

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