Create your own emojis: it is now very easy Emoji Kitchen

Of course, you only have a limited number of emojis you can use. But with Emoji Kitchen you can make a lot of them in no time.

Create your own emojis with Emoji Kitchen

Have you ever wanted to send a specific emoji, but it wasn’t there? For example, a cake as a gift or a whale with a grinning face? Then now is your chance. With the website Emoji Kitchen create a whole range of new emoji that you can paste into your WhatsApp conversations, among other things.


Creating a new emoji is very easy. You surf to the Emoji Kitchen website on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Then choose one of the emojis shown on the left. Then you also select an emoji on the right. A combination of the two chosen emojis will then appear in the middle.

For example, do you choose the bear on the left and the penguin on the right? Then you see a bear in a tight suit in the middle. Do you choose the pineapple on the left and the koala on the right? Then you get a koala with a hat filled with fruit. You are free to experiment. Be careful: you sometimes get very crazy combinations!

New emojis in iOS 17

There’s more good news for emoji lovers. A series of new emoticons are coming to your iPhone anyway! With iOS 17, no fewer than 108 new emojis appear. These are completely new pictures, but also extensions of existing variants. For example, new family compositions and skin colors are added in Emoji 15.1, which is the version of the new update.

emoji 2024

Of the 108 new emojis coming to your iPhone with iOS 17, only a few are completely new. The completely new pictures are a horizontal and vertical shaking head, a phoenix, a lime, a brown mushroom and a breaking chain. In addition, new family portraits will be added, introducing different family compositions.

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