Cube Escape: The Cave combines clever puzzles with a grim atmosphere

Dutch game developer Rusty Lake returns today with the ninth installment of the Cube Escape series. Fans of clever puzzles and an enigmatic story pay attention, Cube Escape The Cave is not to be missed.

Cube Escape The Cave combines puzzling with mysterious story

Over the years, developer Rusty Lake has amassed a loyal following of fans. These follow the new games closely, as the mysterious story that the game series tells is unraveled bit by bit. The Cave is also connected with all eight previous parts and side projects Rusty Lake Hotel and Rusty Lake Roots.

Cube Escape: The Cave combines clever puzzles with a grim atmosphere

You as a player discover this world by tapping the screen of your iPhone or iPad. A classic point-and-click adventure, combined with hand-drawn characters and backgrounds. Time and again the game presents a new room filled with interactive objects. This way you quickly learn to always check all drawers in a cabinet for useful objects. You really need these and you have to combine them in a smart way to progress in the story.

The puzzles of The Cave are well put together, which makes it worth playing. What makes the Cube Escape series so special, however, is the ominous atmosphere that is continuously present. The combination of the music and the grim environments ensure that you are always on your guard, without having to worry about scares.

Cube Escape: The Cave is free to play

If the puzzles get too difficult, you can use the new hint system that will lend you a hand. In Cube Escape: The Cave, three new worlds await you, each one of which looks different. Just like the previous games, Cube Escape: The Cave is free to download. In exchange, you will occasionally come across an advertisement while puzzling.

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