Dictation function on iPhone – this is how you can remove that annoying button

Do you often accidentally press the dictation button while typing? Fortunately, there’s an easy way to remove the annoying dictation feature from your iPhone. We explain how to do that.

Turn off dictation on your iPhone

It’s a function you like to use or not at all: dictation on your iPhone. With the dictation function it is possible to have spoken messages typed out on your iPhone. The function can even be used in programs such as WhatsApp to type your messages. You use the dictation function by tapping the microphone at the bottom of your keyboard and recording your message.

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If you do not use the function, that button can sometimes get in the way. It often happens that you accidentally press the dictation function while typing. This sometimes deletes the text you had already typed, so you can start over. Fortunately, the button is also easy to switch off, so you don’t just press it anymore.

remove dictation iphone

This is how you remove the dictation function from your iPhone

Disabling the dictation button on your iPhone is done in a few simple steps. Good to know before you remove the button: you can continue to use Siri, even without dictation enabled. Removing the dictation function on your iPhone will therefore not affect other apps or services. Do you want to remove the annoying button from your keyboard? You do that in the following way:

  1. Open ‘Settings’ on your iPhone;

  2. Go to ‘General’;

  3. Choose ‘Keyboard’;

  4. Then turn off the slider at ‘Turn on dictation function’.

remove dictation iphone

Once you have removed the dictation function from your iPhone, the microphone on your keyboard will automatically disappear. This means you will never accidentally press the button again. Be careful, because with the dictation button turned off you can no longer use dictation. If you do want to do this, you can easily turn the dictation function back on in the same way.

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