Disney+ confirms: Password sharing will no longer be allowed soon

Do you use the same account on Disney+ as your friends? Then there is bad news, because Disney + wants to end sharing your password.

Disney+ no longer allows account sharing

After Netflix, Disney Plus has also announced that it will no longer be allowed to share your account. The company is working on a way to block sharing your password. Do you do this? Then you probably have to pay extra. Netflix now has a similar policy, whereby you pay 3.99 euros more per month for each person you share your account with.

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Disney CEO Bob Iger has now announced that this will also happen at Disney Plus. Disney Plus’s new policy may become even stricter than Netflix’s. According to Iger, the company is exploring ways to make Disney Plus subscribers pay more for sharing their password with friends and family.

It may also not be allowed to share your account within a household, which is still possible with Netflix. Disney Plus has not yet revealed how it will check whether subscribers share their passwords. This is presumably done via the IP address of users, just as is already the case with Netflix.

Disney+ confirms: Password sharing will no longer be allowed soon

Higher prices for subscriptions to Disney+

According to Disney CEO Iger, a lot of subscribers share an account on Disney Plus, which means that the company can make much more revenue if that is no longer allowed. That’s not the only way Disney is trying to make more money, because subscription prices are also being increased. And that may happen soon, because from October 12 you will already pay more for Disney Plus in the United States.

There, Disney Plus increases the monthly subscription from $ 10.99 to $ 13.99. A considerable price increase, so it is expected that prices in the Netherlands will also increase. Now you pay 9.99 euros per month for Disney Plus in the Netherlands. That will probably be more, especially if you want to share the Disney Plus password with friends or family.

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Disney Plus will introduce a new scheme in 2024

Disney Plus has reportedly made it a top priority to implement the new policy, which will no longer allow you to share your password. According to Iger, Disney plans to introduce the new scheme in 2024. It is not yet known when that will be in 2024, but if it is up to Disney Plus, it will probably be as soon as possible.

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So there are quite a few changes coming to Disney Plus. It remains to be seen how expensive the subscriptions will be and how much money you will pay for sharing Disney Plus. Do you not like the new arrangement and are you looking for another streaming service? We have put together a number of subscriptions for you, so that you know what the alternatives are!

  • HBO Max: 7.99 euros per month
  • Apple TV+: 6.99 euros per month
  • ViaPlay: 13.99 euros per month
  • Amazon Prime: 2.99 euros per month
  • NLSees: 8.95 euros per month

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