Download hidden macOS Ventura update from the Mac App Store

When there is a new software update for your Mac, the previous update in the Mac App Store will disappear. You can only download the latest version of macOS. However, it is possible to re-download an older version from the Mac App Store, for example macOS Ventura.

Because macOS Sonoma is now available, it is no longer possible to download the previous version, macOS Ventura, directly from the Mac App Store. It is not clear why Apple makes this decision, as there are Macs where Monterey is the last software version that can be installed, but fortunately they do not make it impossible. You can always download the hidden update from the Mac App Store.

Trick to redownload macOS Ventura

If for any reason you want to re-download macOS Ventura, you can now re-download it using a clever trick:

  • Open this Apple Support page
  • Navigate to the steps
  • Go to ‘Download macOS on your Mac using Safari’
  • Click on ‘macOS Ventura 13’
Trick to redownload macOS Ventura

You can find the direct link to macOS 13 in the Mac App Store here. Once you have downloaded the software you can install it or save it for later.

Redownload previous versions

Since macOS Mojave, all Macs use the new Apple File System, which means that older macOS and OS X versions are no longer supported. Anyone who has installed macOS Mojave can only go back to High Sierra, at least if you have an SSD drive. If you have a traditional hard drive or fusion drive, there is no going back.

Reinstall original software version

Since macOS Sierra 10.12.4, it’s easier than ever to reinstall your Mac’s original software version. This is the software version that came with you when you bought the Mac. Please note, this is possible only on an Intel Mac. Restart your Mac and immediately press the keys simultaneously shift⇧ + option⌥ + command⌘ + R in.

Keep pressing these keys until the recovery screen appears. Now follow the on-screen steps to complete the process. If you have not installed macOS Sierra 10.12.4, you can also reinstall the original version via ‘Internet Recovery’. This is also possible for a Mac with M1 chip or newer.

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