DS 7 Crossback extended for Macron

DS 7 Crossback Macron Elysee

DS presents the DS 7 Crossback Élysée especially for French President Emmanuel Macron. The successor to the earlier DS 7 Crossback Présidentiel is considerably longer than the original.

You would think that Macron would exchange his DS 7 Crossback, a medium-sized SUV, for a DS 9. If we could name one obvious customer for that car … However, things turn out differently, because Macron just gets it again presented a DS 7 Crossback.

Although, ‘just’. The DS in question is far from standard. Where the earlier ‘Présidentiel’ distinguished itself with a large open roof, the new ‘Élysée’ boasts an extra long wheelbase and therefore ditto body. A total of 20 centimeters is added at the height of the B-pillar, with which the car is now 4.79 centimeters long and has a wheelbase of 2.94 meters. In addition, the DS is armored, as can be seen from the extra thick black border around the side windows. To make the whole thing move forward a bit, the top powertrain was chosen: it is an E-Tense plug-in hybrid with 300 hp.

DS 7 Crossback Elysee Marcon

The extra length is of course completely in the rear door, resulting in an extra large entrance. This leads to a passenger compartment with two separate seats instead of a rear seat. All kinds of extra USB ports and other facilities have also been installed, so that the French president can work well on the road.

On the outside we spot blue/red flashing lights, flagpole holders, a special antenna and special 20-inch wheels. The paint appears black, but is a deep dark blue. We still have to say that Macron’s taste seems to be going downhill. Where the previous presidential DS was still richly equipped with appropriate chrome, the new one only gets black accents and even black wheels. As far as we are concerned, the end result looks more like the invention of a lease driver who would rather have chosen an Audi, than a real presidential limousine. But who are we…

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