DS may launch an electric top model inspired by classic DS

Fingers crossed

Citroen DS

DS could easily launch an electric top model that in a certain sense breathes the atmosphere of the model from which the brand takes its name. Indeed: the Citroën DS. This is evident from reports from our English colleagues from AutoExpress.

The English AutoExpress sat down with the CEO of Fiat, Abarth and DS Automobiles, Olivier François. It comes with interesting information about a possible new top model from DS. From this year onwards, DS will only introduce new models with fully electric powertrains and the DS CEO hints that there could well be a large, DS-inspired top model.

“A purely electric DS would have to be big, expensive and great,” says François. “We can make sensual, attractive cars full of curves, cars that are aerodynamic and very French. I will soon show you some of it,” says the CEO. The top executive of DS further mentions the original DS and calls it a car that is on the same level as icons such as the Jaguar F-Type. “I’m taking all the ingredients and seeing what we can do with them. But it’s exciting, very exciting. We get a car with a range of more than 700 kilometers, DS is one of the first Stellantis brands to get an 800v battery. It will cost a bit, but DS is a premium brand. That should be possible,” the CEO concludes.

Enthusiastic talk in the void? Possibly, but something seems to be bubbling in the mind of the DS CEO. Last year in April, DS Automobiles surprised with a sketch of what seemed to be a modern interpretation of the original DS. It released little to no information about this. So wait and see.

– Thanks for information from Autoweek.nl

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