When vacuuming, you cannot always see clearly where you have already vacuumed, but this is now possible with the Dyson CleanTrace. This augmented reality tool visualizes in real-time on your smartphone where you have cleaned, allowing you to clean faster and more accurately.

When cleaning your house you sometimes don’t know whether you have already cleaned in certain places or not. Inspired by the systematic cleaning approach of the Dyson 360 Vis Nav robot vacuum cleaner, Dyson has come up with something: Dyson CleanTrace.

Dyson CleanTrace
According to Dyson, the Dyson CleanTrace brings together: “a combination of technologies for powerful, intelligent and thorough cleaning.” Using the LiDAR technology from a user’s phone, the Dyson CleanTrace can map the room and use AR to overlay the cleaning path, so you can see where you cleaned and what you missed. When you’re done cleaning, you can scan the room with your phone to identify missed spots so you never miss a spot. The existing technology in the Dyson Gen5detect then detects and counts the dust particles, as evidence of a thorough cleaning.

CleanTrace hardware and software
The CleanTrace consists of a clamp that you place on the handle of the vacuum cleaner. By the way, there is (for now) only one Dyson vacuum cleaner that CleanTrace works with and that is the Gen5detect mentioned above, Dyson’s top model. The reason behind this is Dyson wants to give their top model extra features. If you have the Gen5detect vacuum cleaner, you can see the CleanTrace in the MyDyson app. For the time being, this only applies if you have an iPhone, because it is available for iOS but not for Android. It is unknown when consumers with Android smartphones will be able to access CleanTrace.

Present at Dyson branch in Malmesbury (UK)
As I write this news item I am at the Malmesbury UK Innovation Campus. There are many labs here, about which I will publish more soon, but also housing for students who live here during the first year of their education. In addition to a tour, I was also able to test various devices, although there was also a device that I will not be able to write about for a few weeks.

Preview Dyson CleanTrace
I was able to test the CleanTrace and I must say, it works well. You can see exactly through a purple color where you have already been while vacuuming. In addition, thanks to the built-in particle detection technology, you can clearly see that the floor is really clean.

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Dyson CleanTrace Gen5detect display

That’s why I think it’s a good addition if you want to vacuum your home; Hopefully it will soon be available for more Dyson vacuum cleaners and also for the Android version of the MyDyson app.

Review, price and availability
As mentioned, a review will soon appear on pcactive.nl. The Dyson CleanTrace itself will be available from June 2024, the price is still unknown.