Easily edit a PDF with your Apple devices (ADV)

You will probably regularly receive a PDF file in your e-mail. Then you also know how difficult it is sometimes to edit them afterwards. A good solution is UPDF and we will tell you all about this app for your Apple products.

Edit PDF files easily

A PDF is the standard for sharing and presenting important documents in a reliable way. It doesn’t matter which device you use or which software is installed on it: a PDF always looks the same. You will probably come across this file regularly, for example at work or for your studies.

You can probably still open a PDF file without a program. It just opens in Preview. Handy functionalities, such as adjusting texts – that becomes more difficult. The UPDF app does make this easy. We tell you everything you need to know about this PDF app for all your Apple devices.

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Edit your PDF the way you want

Of course, opening, reading, and searching within the file are features you’d expect from any PDF app. UPDF has another trump card up its sleeve: the app gives you the option of displaying your files as a slideshow. Handy during a presentation!

Sometimes there is a mistake in the text or adjustments have to be made. The UPDF app offers you extensive editing options. Think of text, images and links, but also watermarks or backgrounds can be added or changed. The program is also full of tools to quickly write a comment in the margins or you can paste a sticker to brighten up the text.

Filling in forms and signing a contract is also easy with the app. And are you done editing? Then of course he has to go to someone else. You decide how: via email or a specially generated link.

Customize, convert and keep safe

Is the order of the pages not quite right? Instead of having to start all over again, with the app you just move the pages until you’re happy. You remove pages, add new ones or split one page into two. Combining multiple files into one PDF is also possible. Is the file too large? UPDF reduces it for you.

It is also possible to convert your PDF to other file formats. This way you convert to Word, Excel or HTML. You can also make images from it, because there is support for PNG, JPEG, TIFF and GIF. In addition, you naturally like to keep files with sensitive content safe. That’s why with UPDF you attach a password to every PDF to keep it out of the hands of potential wrongdoers.

Does your Mac have an M1 or M2 chip? Then you also use OCR with UPDF, which stands for optical character recognition. This detects texts in scanned documents, images or of course PDFs. Words are converted so you can edit them. Do you want to digitize a physical magazine article with a number of adjustments? Launch the UPDF app, which supports 38 languages ​​by the way.

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Get the most out of your PDFs with UPDF Pro

If PDF files often appear on your screen, you probably work with Adobe Acrobat. However, this program still lacks some features compared to UPDF. The table below shows all the differences.

Although anyone can use UPDF, there are restrictions associated with the free version. A watermark is automatically added to your files when you save them and converting to another file type is possible up to five times. Furthermore, the free UPDF app gives you access to only 1 GB of cloud storage, where your files can also be a maximum of 10 MB.

With UPDF Pro you leave these restrictions behind and get the most out of your PDF files. With a subscription you get 10 GB of cloud storage as a gift. This way you can safely store all your edited PDF files and never lose them again. With one license you can use the app on all your Apple products. This way you can access all your files, no matter what device you work on.

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Affordable UPDF

If you go for the paid version, you close it at the moment 54 percent off off. An annual subscription now costs you as a result 29.99 euros. A one-time license is also possible. Then you have lost 45.99 euros. One license is enough for all your iOS, macOS, Android and Windows devices. And if you are not satisfied after thirty days, you will simply receive your money back. Something for you?

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