Electric Aiways U5 now also suitable as a tow car

Aiways U5

Aiways will soon bring a second electric SUV to Europe, but don’t forget the U5 either. With this electric SUV you can now also tow a trailer.

The electric Aiways U5 will soon have an electric coupé SUV next to it in the form of the U6, but that does not mean that Aiways will leave the U5 to the left from now on. The electric SUV will soon also be available with a detachable towbar. That sounds like small news, but for those on the hunt for an EV that can tow a trailer, Aiways offers a solution.

The Aiways U5 has a maximum braked towing weight of 750 kilos behind its name with its detachable towbar, which is available at an additional cost. Under the hood of the Aiways U5 is always a 204 hp and 310 Nm strong electric motor that sends the power to the front wheels. In the bottom is a 63 kWh battery with which the U5 can travel a maximum of 410 kilometers.

The detachable towbar can be ordered from December and can also be attached to already delivered units.

– Thanks for information from Autoweek.nl

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