Electric BMW i7 ready for battle against EQS

The top class of the car world is also rapidly electrifying. Today the first clear images of the upcoming BMW i7, the new top electric sedan from BMW, appear.

The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class will receive a full electric equivalent in the form of the yet to be revealed EQS. Jaguar will eventually come up with a successor to the XJ (X351), which has now been discontinued, was introduced in 2010. That new XJ even seems to appear purely and only in electrical form. BMW will launch a new 7 series no later than the first half of 2022. It will be joined by a fully electric sister model: the i7. Spy photos of this have now surfaced.

The text ‘Electric Test Vehicle’, which can be read on the camouflage material of the sturdy sedan visible in these photos, leaves no doubt about the true nature of this beast. Although the electric top sedan still hangs well in the patches, it is striking that BMW positions the lighting at the front quite low in the front. With a touch of fantasy, the whole is even reminiscent of that of the first generation 8 series. A camera is already visible in the middle of the muzzle. In any case, count on a top sedan that, like the new S-class, will be richly equipped with hardware and software to make autonomous driving possible.

Spyshots BMW i7

BMW i7

Whether this i7 also shares its technical base with the new 7 Series remains to be seen. The yet to be unveiled all-electric i4, the electric equivalent of the upcoming 4-Series Gran Coupé, will share its platform with the car with which it also shares its carriage. However, it is quite possible that BMW will shoe the i7 on the same footing as the iNext that is also to be launched. As far as the range is concerned, the i7 must be able to reach at least about 600 kilometers on one charge.

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