Electric Lucid Air will soon also be available in Saudi Arabia

Up to 155,000 Lucids annually not from the United States

Lucid Motors Saudi ArabiaLucid Air Back to BasicsLucid Air Back to BasicsLucid Air Back to BasicsLucid Air Back to Basics

Lucid Air Back to Basics

Lucid already builds the electric Air in the American state of Arizona, but the United States is no longer the only country where the electric sedan is assembled. Lucid’s second production facility has been set up in Saudi Arabia and the Air will also see the light of day there.

The AMP-1 production facility in the United States was for a long time Lucid Motors’ only production location, but a second one is now being added. It is not located in Lucid’s home country, but in Jeddah, located in Saudi Arabia. That’s where Lucid built its AMP-2 facility. Lucid has now started assembling the Air in ready-made semi knocked down kits shipped from the United States to Saudi Arabia.

Initially, 5,000 Lucid cars should see the light of day in Jeddah every year. However, the production location will be expanded considerably in the future. Ultimately, the Air must not only be assembled there, but also completely built. And in large numbers. Lucid says that ultimately as many as 155,000 cars can be built annually. Lucid proudly reports that it is contributing to Saudi Arabia’s intention to have EVs make up at least 30 percent of all cars sold by 2030. Saudi Arabia and Lucid Motors have already agreed that the state will buy 50,000 Lucids over a period of 10 years. That number may later be supplemented with another 50,000 Lucids.

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