Electric MPV from Volvo not for the Netherlands

Electric ballroom passes Europe

Volvo EM90

Volvo has a hell of an electric MPV in the development rooms. It’s called Volvo EM90, but you can quickly forget that name. The Volvo EM90 is not coming to the Netherlands.

Volvo is expanding its electric model range considerably. Electric compact crossover Volvo EX30 will come to the Netherlands in the foreseeable future and at the other end of the long-legged spectrum, Volvo parks the electric EX90. Volvo has also been warming up the mood for the arrival of the EM90. The Volvo EM90 will be a large electric MPV that shares its technical basis with the Zeekr 009, which is already available in China. To date, the Dutch importer could not say whether the EM90 would come to the Netherlands. We now know more about that.

Are you in the market for an electric ballroom with two sliding doors? Then you don’t have to wait for the Volvo EM90. The Dutch importer confirms to AutoWeek that the EM90 will not come to the Netherlands. In fact, the MPV is not intended for Europe either.

Did you like the Volvo EM90 and do you think Volvo’s choice not to bring the car to the Netherlands was a missed opportunity? Why or why not?

– Thanks for information from Autoweek.nl

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