Electric Ram 1500: ready for 2024

Teaser Ram 1500 EV

Ram will launch its first all-electric model in 2024. That will be an electrical equivalent of the 1500, a pick-up that is used by Stellantis to hit the Silverado EV and Ford F-150 Lightning. We catch a new glimpse of that electric 1500.

In an era where a Hummer is an electric SUV, an electric version of almost every other car model cannot be missed. It is therefore no longer surprising that even the absolute full-size sales bangers in the United States will receive fully electric versions in the foreseeable future. We are not talking about cars like the Toyota RAV4, but about the Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado and Ram 1500. We already know the first two, the electric 1500 is not yet. Stellantis does release a new design sketch of its electric pick-up.

The design of the electric Ram 1500 promises to be interesting to say the least. The car will have a high but apparently relatively short nose, in which striking lighting is placed. The light signature is somewhat reminiscent of a tuning fork and in the center of the front we read the Ram brand name in capital letters. In any case, the pick-up comes with four doors. So as ‘Crew Cab’. It is striking that the design of the electric Ram 1500 in this design sketch differs greatly from what Stellantis first showed of the model in mid-2021.

The Ram 1500 is the last of ‘the big three’ American pickups to have an electric equivalent. The Ford F-150 Lightning will roll off the production line this year, the electric Silverado will arrive next year. Better late than never, because the 1500 is of immense importance to Aries. Of the 650,000 or so cars Ram sold in the United States in 2021, nearly 570,000 were pickups.

– Thanks for information from Autoweek.nl

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